Leasing Options

Dark fiber connectivity provides customers with the most flexibility for their network when it comes to operational control and scalability.  Leveraging dark fiber allows you to manage your network’s security, design, and growth when and how you choose to.  It also provides the ability to control and scale your network’s bandwidth needs when and where needed.  Bandwidth growth is driving operators toward high capacity Dark Fiber networks to keep up with current and expected demand.

When it comes to acquiring fiber capacity, which option is best for your organization?  STN offers two solutions to acquire fiber capacity on STN’s network.  We can provide a flexible operating expenditure (OPEX) lease, or a capital expenditure (CAPEX) long-term IRU arrangement based on what’s best for your business.

If you are looking for flexibility and a lower cost to get your Dark Fiber network up and running, a lease gives you control with no, or minimal up-front costs.  For customers that have the funds to spend upfront and want smaller annual payments, an Indefeasible Right of Use (IRU) would be an option to consider. This provides better long-term value and allows you to account for Dark Fiber as an asset.


  • Lump Sum upfront payment with additional annual payments for maintenance
  • Monthly maintenance fee is billed separately
  • 20+ year term duration


  • Divided into monthly payments
  • Monthly maintenance fee is built into the lease rate
  • <10 year term duration