Nichols Fiber

 Current serviceable area showing the new fiber routes.

Nichols Fiber access overview

Town of Nichols

Want affordable high-speed internet?

Local Partners

Southern Tier Network (STN) is collaborating with Tioga County, the Town of Nichols, and the New York Power Authority (NYPA) to build broadband infrastructure in the Town and Village of Nichols.

Affordable Access

STN is building an open access, fiber-to-the-premise network to reach unserved and underserved households in the Town and Village of Nichols. Nichols has been named one of four communities to take part in New York Stateʼs ConnectALL program, an initiative aimed at bringing affordable broadband internet access to rural communities across the state. This program will work to transform New Yorkʼs digital infrastructure and expand broadband access, affordability, and equity statewide.

Summer 2022

This is a multi-phase project that starts NOW. Check to get project information, see where we're building, and to sign up!

News & Press Releases

Check out our current progress in Nichols, NY.