Success Story – The Guthrie Clinic

About Project

As a not-for-profit, integrated health care system designed to offer patients a full spectrum of health services throughout its wide geographic service-area, The Guthrie Clinic required a reliable, secure, high capacity, high speed, telecommunications system, capable of provisioning additional throughput on demand. This telecommunications system needed to be resilient and capable of reaching into the communities The Guthrie Clinic serves.

The Guthrie Clinic has more than 50 locations, 6,000+ employees, 5 hospitals, 599 physicians and advanced practice providers. Guthrie serves a large population of people over a wide geographic area. Regardless of how patients enter the Guthrie system, its electronic health record enables Guthrie specialists and primary care physicians to actively collaborate – literally and virtually – to coordinate patient care.

Guthrie’s robust electronic health record enables Guthrie physicians and clinicians to quickly gain a comprehensive understanding of patients’ health needs and its patient portal, eGuthrie, allows patients to access their health information easily on a computer, tablet or smart phone.

Success Story

Guthrie’s 40 clinics and hospitals are connected into a private regional wide area network utilizing STN’s dark fiber infrastructure. Today Guthrie delivers telemedicine and telehealth applications between these locations via the STN infrastructure. Guthrie’s focus remains on exceeding customers’ expectations with high quality, reliable, and always accessible services.

The Guthrie Clinic is a supportive partner and customer of STN and encourages its growth and redundancy plans to ensure quality and reliability of services for Guthrie patients, customers, and medical staff. Guthrie technical staff continue to plan and collaborate with STN on diverse routes that are strategically planned to provide “ring redundancy” and network failover paths, preventing network failure, and to mitigate future service blackouts.

The Guthrie Clinic will directly benefit from STN’s diverse pathways as Guthrie contracts with STN for hundreds of fiber miles throughout STN’s multi-county backbone. “Ring diversity” in the STN network will allow Guthrie to offer a more reliable service if a segment of the network were to malfunction.

Bert Robles,
EVP, Chief Information Officer
The Guthrie Clinic